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a whole new career in as few as 12 weeks

Learn to code and build a lucrative career

If you’re committed to learning and want to build a future that continues to grow, a new career in software development might be right for you. You can be a total novice and in just 12 short weeks learn to code plus be ready to enter the industry for your first role as a developer.

Our mentored online program gives you the skills and technology you need to learn to code and the flexibility you want. We pair you with an industry expert to answer questions and help guide you through the program. And we used a mixed-media course format that optimizes learning.

By the time you’re done, you’ll be fluent in languages like Java, HTML and CSS. And ready to start a well-paying job.

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Why Code Institute?

  • Career-Ready Software Developer in 12-48 Weeks
  • Learn to Code Anywhere in the World on Your Own Schedule
  • Access to Expert Mentors
  • Industry-Validated, Accredited Syllabus
  • Financing Available

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Data Management

Agile Development


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