continue your education, whether you’re enrolled or not

Your training needs continue outside of the classroom. That’s why Firefly has partnered with Degreed, the world’s first, lifelong learning platform. Degreed’s student-focused LMS allows you to discover and catalog new content, track progress and interface with other IT Professionals all around the world. Best of all, students are allowed to keep their Degreed user account for life, so you can continue learning even after you’ve left our classroom.

learn smarter

Degreed helps you stay organized and streamlines your training by giving you access to all of the IT courses you need in one place. Access your courses, live labs and our extensive library of IT- professional books and video tutorials anytime, anywhere.

build your skills

Build your IT skillset quickly and confidently. Detailed skill plans provide a training roadmap of the courses and certifications you’ll need to advance your career, while custom content feeds ensure that you’re kept up to date on the latest industry news and trends.

show off

Get recognized for all the training you complete and encourage others to follow your example! Degreed’s social platform integrations connect you to a global network of IT professionals, so you can celebrate your training successes with your peers.

account manager

success advisors

Committed to your success, every step of the way.

Firefly’s Success Advisors are highly motivated individuals paired with students to help guide them through their training. Success Advisors help students answer training questions, resolve support issues, build better study habits and more!

account manager

Richard Eckert


Success Team

I love helping students succeed! There’s nothing better than watching my students increase their confidence, grow their skillset and transform from reluctant pupils into enthusiastic lifelong learners. Firefly with Degreed makes it fun for students to keep track of their learning efforts, so they stay motivated to complete their training even when the classes get tough.


get started

Get set up for success! Start your training journey by meeting with your Success Advisor to talk about your training goals and get enrolled in the courses that you need most.

learn from the best

Start your training! Our vendor accredited courses are taught by world-class instructors who are specialists in their fields.

be a lifelong learner

Become a lifelong learner! Investing in your education is one of the most important things you can do for your career. Continue to track your learning efforts in Degreed even after your class has ended.